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"The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind." - William James


Depression, anxiety, stress, relationship, and marital problems, expat issues, loneliness, and more.  

These are a few of the reasons why people seek my help as a coach. 

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Online therapy


I provide therapy mostly via email and skype. This suits the busy lifestyle of many of my clients. Forget about time-zones or physical meetings, my support is there when and where you need it.


Writing is a form of therapy in itself and therapy via email gives the client a chance to compose their thoughts. This method also allows the client time to reflect and to re-read my advice. Emails can be used for both individual and couples' therapy.


Skype gives us a chance to talk in real time to speed up the process if necessary. 


Send me an email describing your situation and needs and I will suggest an action plan. This comes with all pricing information and a suggested time frame.   

Making changes


My method covers many different approaches. I work with change, power, creativity, curiousity, communication, mindfulness and cognitive behavioural therapy.


We have the power to make changes in our attitudes in order to make changes in our lives. I believe in facing fears and in surprising doubts with action. In reflection and meditation. I believe in being open and curious. All good communication starts within. Take a moment to listen to yourself.


Talk to me, together we can make changes. 



Book a face-to-face appointment with me in Brussels 0479-997740

Or skype me at Niki Daun 


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I received coaching from Niki during a very tough time in my life and her guidance and advice was invaluable for me to start a new chapter. 

 - name withheld 





My ex-wife and I were still fighting 2 years after our divorce - mainly concerning the children. Through emails and skype calls Niki Daun managed to help us reach a much better level of communication.

 - J.S



As an expat I was feeling very insecure and lonely about my decisions with work and with my relationships. I needed to be reminded about my roots as well as finding a new network of friends. Niki helped me to approach these issues and to regain confidence.

 - G.L    








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